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Here is an update about Mu Do Kwan and Jungki Kwan in the Netherlands in the last few months. 

New Jungki Hapkido class in Dirksland:A new Hapkido class on the Wednesday morning in Dirksland. (Starting on 26 august 2009 Time between 9:30h - 11:00h)This class is for people that are to busy to take Jungki Hapkido classes in the weekend or in the evening.  

Seminar school of higher professional education in Rotterdam:Mu Do Kwan gave, for the third time, a Jungki Hapkido seminar at the school of higher professional education in Rotterdam. Mu Do Kwan was invited by the division sports marketing and management.

Two seminars at Edudelta college Middelharnis Mu Do Kwan received an invitation for giving 2 seminars at the Edudelta College in Middelharnis. Mu Do Kwan accepted the invitation and gave 2 Jungki Hapkido seminars in June 2009. 

Hapkido belt test June 2009 The first Jungki Hapkido belt tests are held in june 2009. I must say I am very proud, they did very well.

Kuhapdo belt test June 2009 The first Jungki Kuhapdo belt tests are held in june 2009.

Mu Do Kwan BBQ July 2009 Once a year Mu Do Kwan organizes a BBQ for all M.D.K. members and family. The weather was great and it was fun.

.nl Domain name registration

The registration of the following “.nl” domain names





Returned from mission in Afganistan:Student (Jorian van Duuren) returns safely from mission in Afghanistan.

Now away on mission in Afghanistan:Student (Richard van Duuren) is now on a mission in Afghanistan

Hapkido training on the beach Training on the Beach in Ouddorp

Birthday Ronald (2 august 2009) Ronald Verheuvel 40 year

Upcoming events this year:

·         Interview about Hapkido, Jungki Kwan and Mu Do Kwan in local newspapers. (when I return from Korea)

·         Mu Do Kwan exists 12 year (on 23 september 2009)

·         Korean evening (Korean cooking)


Hapkido members

The last time I informed you that we had about 45 members. I am very happy to say that we still have 45 members now, but that type of member in the adult Hapkido class is changing slowly. This is a direct result of the changes I made in the adult Hapkido training. And that’s a good thing!

-          30 adult Hapkido members

-          15 children Hapkido members.


Kuhapdo members

At this moment there are 6 adult Hapkido members who also follow the Kuhapdo lessons. I found a Korean shop in Rotterdam, about 30 km. from Hellevoetsluis where I live. It’s a small shop but they sell a lot of Korean products. So now I can drink a cup of Korean “In Sa” every day. Like in Daegu.

I talked with the Korean shop owner about Mu Do Kwan, Jungki Kwan and my annual trip to the Jungki Headquarters in Daegu. It was a very nice conversation. Since there are not so many Korean shops in the Netherlands, a lot of Korean people come to that shop. The shop owner said that, if I want to make promotion for Jungki Kwan I am welcome to put a poster on the door. In this way I hope the Korean community in the Netherlands will get to know Jungki Hapkido and Kuhapdo.

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